Getting Started With ExactCare Pharmacy

We are working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama to help you stay on track with your medications.

Get Started

We Make It Simple to Switch to ExactCare

When you call ExactCare to get started, you will have the option of providing your medication information immediately or scheduling the review for a future date. During the review you will need:

    • 3

      Your Prescription Insurance Card

    • 4

      Your Prescription Medication List or Bottles

    • 4

      A List of Your Other Medications, Vitamins or Supplements

    • 2

      A List of Your Prescribers

  • This information allows us to set up your account and start working on obtaining your prescriptions.

    Help with Multiple Medications Starts Here

  • “They keep in touch with my doctor for refills, so I never run out of meds. The meds are packed and ready for me to use – I can even take them with me. I don't know how I made it without them before.”
    - ExactCare Patient

    • Talk with a pharmacy representative about how ExactCare can help.

    Or Call Us at 1-844-200-6884
    Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6:30 pm EST